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Discharge requiring ghusl


When does vaginal discharge require ghusl? If I witness something arousing and feel aroused in my privates, how should I proceed? When does ghusl become mandatory? Also, what should I do about normal daily vaginal discharge that occurs for a women throughout the day?


Ghusl is mandatory when a woman has discharge due to sexual fulfillment (i.e., the discharge is accompanied by an orgasm). If a woman feels wetness due to sexual arousal that is not accompanied by an orgasm, it would only invalidate her wudu. As for the daily vaginal discharge that occurs, please see the following link for the detailed answer.

(Radd al-Muhtar, vol. 1, pg. 159-160)

Only Allah knows best

Written by Maulana Shadman Ahmed

Concurred by Moulana Mohammad Ahsan Osmani

Darul Ifta Texas

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